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I thought I was a citizen of the world a decade ago, having worked in an international environment. I was wrong. Travelling and working represent only one plane of the equation. Living and absorbing in a relationship is another, is what I learnt. My intercultural marriage (my spouse is Dutch and son is German) and experiences as well as observations of the rapid changes in the eastern and western hemisphere in the last few years have also become the base of my soon-to-be published book.


The world is now practicing diversity and inclusion at the workplace but practicing them in personal life takes the concept to another notch!

With a background in Hatha Yoga since more than 35 years and meditation, I have had the opportunity to view the world from many perspectives and with different lenses. In the podcast series, I am exploring the different facets of the visible and invisible world, conscious and subconscious, through the lenses of the guests I am inviting. Their experiences, motivations, learnings and much more connect the world in ways we sometimes do not fathom.

I hope that you enjoy the journey as much as I am doing. In the conversations with my guests, I constantly find fragments of myself in them sometimes in similarities and sometimes in perspectives. It is a unique connection which can only be experienced in their true-life stories, for what is life but a story?



Author, poet, editor, podcast host, entrepreneur, policy driver, intercultural and meditation trainer, global citizen, mentor and more. Meenu Gupta is CEO of Vedas Shaakha (Winner of Indian Business Excellence Awards 2017 and Leading Advisor of the year 2017-India, nominee for Asian Enterprise Awards by Worldwide Business Review) with over 28 years of management experience. Her experience includes (12) years with the Italian government where she held diverse product portfolios. During her tenure, she successfully managed product development programs between Italy and India and led over a hundred international delegations along with other sectorial and trade promotion initiatives.


Meenu Gupta was the co-founder and director of an Italian gold consortium in India.
She is a specialist in market entry strategy and promotion for the Indian subcontinent which she carries out as part of Vedas Shaakha, which also handles long term representation for European companies and trade bodies in India for marketing and promoting their products/services. Vedas Shaakha has also carried out product re-imaging strategies and implementation for European bodies.

A literary contributor to various international journals, Meenu Gupta is also the author of two books published in India and a cross cultural expert while also being adept in multiple languages including German and Italian. She is an alumnus of Institute of Management Technology, India and serves on the advisory board of Lex Favios, India, and is an associate partner of Peaks Consulting. She has also been appointed as Mentor of Change by NITI Aayog, an initiative of the Indian government directed at youth to encourage change and innovation.

She is also on the editorial board of Curiously Intercultural, the digital platform of SIETAR Europa, a global intercultural organization.

Where bravery happens every day, in little things and big decisions, Where love crosses borders, cultures and oceans.
Where people of varied colour weep, laugh, breed, grieve and more, Where awareness matters so much more…it is make or break.
Where lust for a whole life and nothing less makes people jump out of a comfortable pond into an unknown ocean.
Where faith has a different hue and children multiple religions.

Welcome to that journey!
Join us every week as real people share their incredible and inspiring journeys of crossing
borders to form cross cultural families, their highs and lows, their unique insights and what
happens when two strangers across oceans meet and decide to marry. Is it quiet? Is it
brewing? What is it like living with a spouse who speaks a different language in a country
not your own? What keeps such a couple together? How do they raise multi-culti children?
Dive deep and tune in to know more in a unique first of its kind series.

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